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About Our Dental Practice

Dr. Hamm and her team focus on taking a comprehensive approach to your health. That means concentrating on your overall, systemic wellbeing in addition to your teeth and gums. Your smile doesn’t exist in a vacuum, after all -- and what goes on in your mouth can have a real impact on your physical health. To care for your body and create your best smile with comprehensive dentistry, we’ll listen and make sure we have a real understanding of what your dental goals are. And then we’ll work together to achieve those goals -- and maybe even more.

Our patients count on us for warm, careful, and considerate dentistry. We are proud to have a number of people who have come to us in need of considerable attention, and through a detailed assessment of their needs and multiple conversations on how we can achieve their smile goals, Dr. Hamm and her team reveal dramatic results -- and smiles that last a lifetime. We can’t wait to get started on yours.

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