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All Ceramic Dental Restorations - Mansfield, TX

Metal-Free Tooth Preservation

Mansfield Women smiling in cityHere in Mansfield, Dr. Sandi Hamm and her staff are dedicated to providing patients with dental solutions that not only improve oral health, but also offer an exceptional amount of aesthetic value so that they can feel as confident as possible about their smile. While silver fillings and gold crowns may have been the norm several years ago, we’re happy to provide a much more natural-looking alternative now: all ceramic crowns, bridges, inlays, and onlays, and other restorations. These replacements are precisely crafted to fit in right alongside your existing teeth, and their gorgeous quality will be sure to give you something to smile about.

Dental Crowns & Bridges

Our all-ceramic crowns are ideal for correcting structural damage, serious tooth decay, and even cosmetic issues. They’re biocompatible and very durable, and their aesthetic beauty is so exceptionally lifelike that they even have the translucency and reflective nature of natural tooth enamel, as well as no unsightly dark lines. Additionally, these crowns can be used as an important component of ceramic bridges, which are a wonderful alternative for patients who cannot pursue implant placement for whatever reason. You can learn about our crown & bridge services here at Mansfield, TX here.

Inlays & Onlays

Inlays and onlays are typically created to replace a portion of a tooth, preserving and strengthening its structure. In the past, silver amalgam fillings were typically used for this purpose; today, Dr. Hamm will be happy to remove those older restorations and replace them with new, beautifully lifelike alternatives. All-ceramic inlays and onlays have been shown to last significantly longer than these traditional models, and they cause less discomfort as well.

Are you ready to achieve a happier, healthier smile? We look forward to treating you to care that’s always comfortable, skilled, and as personalized as possible. Contact the office of Dr. Sandi Hamm today if you have any questions about our all-ceramic restorations, or if you’re ready to schedule an appointment. Located in Mansfield, TX, we’re also happy to welcome new patients from the areas of Midlothian Forest Hill, Cedar Hill, Burleson, and beyond.

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