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Beware of DIY Dentistry

September 13, 2017

woman holding toothbrush pointing to teethA Pinterest fail is only funny if it’s not permanent. A do it yourself (DIY) dentistry fail may not make for much of a joke, and it can last a lifetime. Before you delve into the latest DIY dentistry trick from YouTube, we recommend visiting your dentist to make sure the latest DIY fad won’t leave you with a permanently damaged smile. If you do damage your teeth trying out a new at-home smile fix, make sure to reach out to your dental office for restorative dentistry services right away. The earlier your dentist begins to repair the smile, the less likely you are to need advanced dental care services to repair your teeth.

Dangers of Self-Diagnosis

The internet has given way to countless self-diagnosis tools. From WebMd to apps that will actually send images of skin lesions or EKG readouts to medical professionals, patients are increasingly likely to seek pre-diagnose themselves before they ever set foot in a doctor’s office. Unfortunately, diagnosis is best left to skilled professionals. In many cases, patients end up unnecessarily upset and visit their dentist or medical doctor fearing the worst possible scenario has occurred. Leave the medical diagnosis to the professionals, and avoid becoming overly concerned with the potentially disastrous results of a self-diagnosis.

The DIY Braces Trend

One of the latest DIY dentistry trends is at-home orthodontics. In the past, straighter teeth meant countless orthodontist appointments, but today, things seem to have dramatically shifted. Now, patients can sign up to straighten their teeth online. Then, they’ll receive kits to capture impressions that will be used by manufacturers to craft clear, plastic alignment trays. Each set of these aligners should shift your teeth one step closer to the desired end result, but without the careful examination of skilled orthodontists or general dentists, these treatments are much more likely to be unsuccessful. Rather than risk potentially permanent damage to your teeth and bite, consider working with your dentist or orthodontist to create an alignment tray orthodontic plan. While you won’t be able to complete the entire process at home, you’ll still have a clear braces orthodontic system, but you’ll also look forward to more predictable results.

Meet Dr. Hamm

At the Mansfield dentistry office of Sandi L. Hamm, DDS, we are happy to help our patients better understand the costs and benefits of DIY dentistry techniques. If you’re considering any of these trendy smile hacks, call to schedule an appointment with our team first. We’ll be happy to review the DIY treatment with you, discuss the professional treatments we offer that may provide safer, more predictable results, and help you find the best treatments to achieve your desired smile results without doing permanent damage to your oral health.

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