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Dr. Sandi L. Hamm
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Dentist in Mansfield Shares Top Four Teeth Destroyers at Work

December 1, 2018

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When you spend 8 or more hours a day in the office, it can be difficult to prioritize oral health. Your dentist in Mansfield hopes that just by being aware of the pitfalls to your teeth, you can take a few steps to keep them healthy while on the job. Here are the top four culprits:

Drowsiness, Boredom & Overwork

On their own, these three states of being don’t hurt your teeth. But when people get bored, drowsy, or too busy to eat a meal, they tend to snack. While sitting at a desk all day, you may sip continuously on coffee or sugary sodas. And there’s often a baker amongst your coworkers who delights in bringing treats to share. (It might even be you!)

8 or more hours of bathing your teeth in sugar and enamel-harming acids can do quite a bit of damage. Just imagine what happens when you multiply that by 5 days a week, 4 weeks a month, and 12 months a year.

Failure to Care for Your Teeth

On top of the perpetual consumption, not that many people bring a toothbrush, mouthwash or floss to the office. Your mind is on your work, not your teeth. You brushed in the morning and you’ll brush at night, so you may think you’re covered. Or you may ignore a dental emergency simply because you’re on deadline.

It all adds up to a lot of neglect.

Commit to On-the-Job Teeth Care

When such a big chunk of your time is spent at work, you can’t afford to take a holiday from good oral hygiene during the work day. Your Mansfield dentist recommends that you:

  • Keep a tooth care kit at the office and brush after lunch
  • Reduce the amount of sugary substances you consume
  • Reduce the number of times you eat or drink (other than water)
  • Rinse or chew sugar-free gum after every snack or drink
  • Pack a healthy lunch and snacks
  • Combat boredom and fatigue with a drink of water and a brisk, 5-minute walk (outside, if possible) every hour or so
  • See your dentist two times a year for cleanings and preventive care

Don’t Let Your Job Cost You Your Smile

The risks of sedentary office work extend beyond damage to your teeth, but fortunately, many of the strategies for protecting your oral health go a long way to help with your physical health, as well. If your work does cause your teeth to suffer, your dentist can help you plan for better protection on the job.

About the Author

Dr. Sandi Hamm’s goal is to make sure you love to smile! While she was voted the “Best Cosmetic Dentist in Arlington, Mansfield and Grand Prairie this year, she’s also got the experience and caring manner you want and need for restorative procedures for every member of your family. Contact us at (817) 477-4441 to find out how to get and keep your smile healthy and beautiful…even if you work in an office!

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